Our Climate Crisis Mitigation Challenge started 9 years back!

We join hands with Go Green Go Organic and LAHDC. for the 11th Phase plantation at Chushul, Ladakh. On 5th June 2022 - World Environment Day. Support this green solidarity movement for Healthier Himalayas!

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The 11th phase of planting in Ladakh!

Launch event - 20th March 2022 GoGreen GoOrganic in collaboration with Hill Council of Ladakh and Green Himalayas invites you to be a part of our Solidarity Greens journey.

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Green Himalayas:A Sustainability Development Model

Green Himalayas is a joint venture, and a shared passion, between two NGOs - Go Green Go Organic and Goldenmile Learning. In 2015, both pledged to drive community action. The story of Green Himalayas is as engaging as it is inspiring.

Event Highlights
Climate Change: Whose Problem is it?

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it! Global warming and climate change threaten the survival of all life on our planet. We ignore the warnings at the risk of our very survival. What should we do?

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Fragile Himalayan Ecosystem

The Himalayas are in crisis. Uncontrolled socio-economic change is driving migration, deforestation, inappropriate land use and tourism. This onslaught has resulted in reduced snowfall, soil erosion and water scarcity. 70% of Himalayan glaciers will disappear in the next 3 decades. How bad is it?

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Climate Crisis In Ladakh

Ladakh in Northern India, located 10 - 15,000 feet above sea-level, is badly hit by climate change. It is warming 3 times faster than the rest of the world. Rainfall patterns are changing, glaciers and snow fields are melting, rising temperatures have affected water runoff in the rivers. Basic livelihoods are disrupted. Is there hope?

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Green Himalayas: Hope In Ladakh

An inspiring grassroots movement is gathering force in Phobrang, Ladakh. 3 years ago, Green Himalayas planted 25,000 saplings at 15,000 feet to demonstrate that climate had changed enough to make this possible. Miraculously, those saplings have survived and are thriving. What happens now?

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Phobrang: Project For The Planet

In Phobrang, Ladakh, Green Himalayas aims to build a sustainable model of development that is environmentally, socially and economically viable for Himalayan villages: The project integrates holistic education, management and remunerative employment and will establish the viability creating self-sustaining eco-systems above 12,000 ft.

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About Us

Green Himalayas is a community of individuals passionately dedicated to creating a compassionate, vibrant and healthy future through earth-care, people-care, and nature-. We are committed to rejuvenating fragile ecosystems and the remote communities that sustain them by facilitating eco-projects that balance Education, Environment and Economics.

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Show Your Support

You can show your support for the Himalayas in a number of ways.

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