About Us

About Us

About Us

Green Himalayas is a community of individuals that is passionately dedicated to create a compassionate, vibrant and healthy future through earth-care, people-care, and nature-care. We are committed to rejuvenating fragile ecosystems and the remote communities that sustain them; by facilitating ground-breaking eco-projects that balance education, environment and economics.

Our community, anchored by Go Green and Goldenmile Learning, is a blend of local people, governmental institutions such as Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) and talented scientists, ecologists, agriculturists, architects, artists and conservationists from across the globe.

We represent a richness of diverse talents fused together by a mission to create a future of harmony, peace and balance.

The Team

We are because you are. The Green Himalayas team.

  • HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche

    Founder, Go Green Go Organic

    UN Mountain Ambassador

    Head – Drikung Lineage

  • Rigyal Rinpoche

    Chairman of Green Himalayas

    Buddhist Monk

  • Khenpo Rangdol

    Special Assistant to HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche in South-East Asia, Buddhist Monk & Scholar

  • Lama Konchok Gyaltson (KG)

    Co-Founder, Go Green Go Organic

    Buddhist monk and Environmentalist

  • Namgyal Durbuk

    Co-Founder, Go Green Go Organic

    Ex-Councillor, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council

  • Rajesh Patel


  • Srini Srinivasan


  • Preeti D'mello


  • Minakshi Singh

    Permaculturist, COO

  • Ambalika Gupta

    Sustainability Lead

  • Rinchen Angmo

    Regional Head, Ladakh

  • Jayanthi Srinivasan

    Architect & Project Advisor

  • Bosco D'mello

    Head – Communications

  • Lobzang Dadul

    Operations Manager

  • Nawang Rigzen

    Project Supervisor

Our Values

Our Values

As an organization, Green Himalayas is driven by the following values

  • Living Wisdom

    We are of nature, not separate from it. Our children and their children must benefit, not suffer, on account of our actions.

  • Economic Fairness

    Our solutions must offer meaningful work with dignity, valuing each individual's contribution.

  • Future Focus

    Our actions must be inspired by long-term goals. We are stewards of Mother Earth.

  • De-centralization

    Power and decision-making must devolve to the local and individual level.

  • Deep Democracy

    All voices, including dissenting ones, must be included and welcomed.

  • Respect for Diversity

    We must honour all forms of Diversity; above all else, Diversity of Thought.